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Nature vs nurture: How your skin-care habits and genetics impact your skin

As we walk through life, we observe how our skin changes. We hear things like “you have your mother’s smile” or “you have your father’s eyes!”. Observations like these remind us that we inherit our parent's genetic makeup. Naturally, we adopt these genetic traits and develop habits along the way to nurture our skin. We learn that just like nurturing the things we love, promoting our skin is just as essential.

Two significant factors at play determine our skin type: how we nurture our skin versus the genetic composition and nature of our skin. The nature of our skin is affected by our genetics and external factors, such as our self-care habits. For this reason, taking care of the skin that loves and protects you is so important. 

The role of nurturing our skin

Our habits can dramatically impact the condition of our skin. By nurturing our skin, we create healthy patterns and feel nourished from the inside out. Through a scientific lens, we begin to create a unique genetic makeup through our healthy skincare habits. 

Habits include our skincare routine order, our skincare products, and how we apply these products. The technique we use when conducting our skincare routine ties into how we feel internally. For example, gently massaging a hydrating moisturiser on dampened skin differs from moisturising dehydrated skin. 

The core of enzi’s identity is nature backed by science. Skincare is a journey, and this skincare essence is to be embraced! We must go back to the basics to make better choices for a healthy lifestyle that promotes great skin. 

The basics to nurturing our skin: 

1. H2O, hydrate your skin

Hydration starts from the inside out. Dehydrated skin can appear to be worn and fatigue, revealing any dark circles under the eyes. Keep your skin elastic by drinking enough water, preferably lemon water, which contains Vitamin C as the building block for collagen.

2. Gently moisture dampened skin

Moisturing dampened skin immediately after cleansing is the key to having soft and supple skin. 

If you’re questioning which skincare product is best, you want to choose a moisturiser that hydrates your skin! A Day and Night cream, the Manuka Honey Moisturiser encompasses ingredients to create a hydrating cream like no other that uses the best natural ingredients to keep your skin hydrated.

3. Regular gentle exfoliation

Each month, our skin sheds, and exfoliation helps to rejuvenate it. This process naturally slows down as we age. Exfoliating 1-2 times weekly activates new, healthy skin cells. Skincare is life, and skincare is a must! This is how to nurture the skin that loves and protects you the most. 

4. Rest and sleep

Getting enough sleep is one of the most nurturing things we can do for our skin. Sleep helps our body and system to fall into a deep state of rejuvenation and helps tame any inflammation.


A way to build healthy lifestyle habits is to develop a bedtime skincare routine. Incorporating a night time face mask, for example, helps to sustain and repair your facial skin cells overnight and is a simple act of self-love.

Our Manuka Honey Face Mask face is carefully crafted to help fight bacteria fight acne while revitalising your skin. 

When we nurture our skin by taking the time to experiment with different skin-care products like SPF, moisturisers, exfoliants and face masks, we begin promoting ourselves in the process. 

Nurturing our skin promotes an overall sense of self, where we create our unique genetic makeup. In other words, when we give our skin the space to act like skin, we apply nature to process and develop habits that serves our skin’s best interest.

Genetics: The nature of our skin

When we think of genetics, we think about the features, traits and characteristics we acquire from our parents. However, our skin's health also impacts its condition and is a part of our genetic makeup.

Our genetics are responsible for the nature of our skin. A study revealed that up to 60% of the rate of skin aging may be associated with genetic factors, while the remaining 40% is due to non-genetic factors, like our external habits. On the contrary, the study also reveals that external factors impact youthful skin more than genetic variation. This reminds us that external factors and our genetics essentially coexist and mould our skin type. Our role is to protect the beautiful skin that changes as we age. 

Nature’s got a delicate balance, and consistency is key. A study on the impact of routine skin care on the quality of life revealed that a skin-care routine over 28 days enhanced feelings of empowerment, happiness and self-esteem. 

Apply SPF every day

We can protect our skin by putting preventative measures into our daily skincare routines. The study found that SPF positively correlates with youthful, beautiful skin. It also improves its condition. Through consistent application, SPF strengthens our skin and protects it from harmful UV rays, bacteria, breakouts, and wrinkles. 

Remember: Natural skin has texture, pores and even blemishes. The goal here is healthy skin, not perfect skin.

The longer we train a habit, the longer it stays, and the more resilient our skin becomes! Applying SPF + massaging the skin every night with your favorite products is the secret and most primal way to nurture your skin and overall self. 

External Habits + Genetics: The outcome

Healthy skin results from taking time out and caring for the skin we were blessed to be born with. By working with nature, your skincare encourages you to grow naturally and confidently. Whichever skin type or skin condition you have, these actionable tips offer comfort and luxury to your routine. Using our genetics that equipped our skin with resilience and its qualities, we can be kind, practical and patient in skincare routines that benefit us. In conclusion, in taking care of our skin, we simultaneously take care of our inner compass.

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